Training of HHCP
This training is open to young people, both men and women interested in becoming HHCP. The selection process is based on the level of interest as well as ability. Anyone between ages 17-35 is welcome to apply. Fluency in Arabic reading and writing is a requirement, in addition to passing the entrance exam.

The Training


The training curriculum is a well balanced mixture of theory in the class room, lab training where the trainees are coached to acquire and practice needed basic skills, and practical field experience at health institutions where they apply what they learned and can gain confidence and hands-on experience. The training course is 4 months long. Click here


This training is open for young people 23-45 years of age who are interested to become trainers for health care institutions. The requirements are:

1. Mastering of the CWL curriculum of training.
2. Leadership skills.
3. The ability to become a "Trainer by Coaching".
4. Personal skills that enable them to be good trainers: presentable, patient, empathic, accepts the other, fun, etc.


Training for Institutions
CWL can develop and provide institutional health care provider training for multiple types of facilities. Institutions that provide specialized health care services often rely on CWL to train their staff. This includes polyclinics, orphanages, and other care centers.


Training fees
Stipulated scholarships are available for training HHCP as well as trainers. For tailored training for institutions please contact us at CWL.